Monday, August 29, 2016

[Advanced] Six Words of Advice

In Tibetan, Six Words of Advice by Tilopa, translated by Ken McLeod.
  • Don’t recall - Let go of what has passed
  • Don’t imagine - Let go of what may come
  • Don’t think - Let go of what is happening now
  • Don’t examine - Don’t try to figure anything out
  • Don’t control - Don’t try to make anything happen
  • Rest - Relax, right now, and rest
This would be considered advanced in the sense that it is a "do nothing" approach, like the "just sitting" or "open awareness" style of Shikantaza in Zen, or here in the native style of Tibetan Mahamudra or Dzochen, "nonconceptual awareness".  Beginners often need to assiduously practice structured methods until the mind is stable and relaxed, but these are great pointers to what can be going on amidst the structure.